Monday, March 21, 2011

Energy Solar Systems Introduces NEW T5 Lights

PRLog (Pre acura ss Release)– Mar 21, 2011– The T5 retrofit light bulb with adapter from Energy Solar Systems is the newest, most efficient lighting solution available and is already saving people thousands of dollars in Europe!

Your lighting represents between 30% and 50% of your total power consumption. We will do a free energy analysis of your current lighting and provide you with a written proposal that will show you the astonishing savings in your electrical utility costs, including your tax incentives, utility rebates, and your estimated ROI.

Both T12 and T8 fluorescent fixture auto part s are considered outdated technology. As of July 2010, by mandate of the Dept. of Energy, the T12 ballast and bulbs can no longer be manufactured. This means that the estimated one billion T12 fixtures currently in use will have to be changed over to either T8 or T5.

Changing from T12 to T8 is an insignificant savings and may not qualify you for the rebates and tax incentives that are available. Changing to the T8 requires that you change not only the bulbs but also the ballast and continues to tie you to the burden of periodicall aston martin y replacing the inefficient ballast. Changing to T5 technology will save as much as 79% on your lighting costs! Changing to the T5 technolo gy will in almost every case qualify you for the available utility rebates and tax incentives. Using a T5 retrofit adapter is the least expensive, most efficient, and simplest method for you to change from your outdated lighting to the most efficient lighting solution available.

T5 Bulbs Burn 1.6 Times Brighter Than T12 Or T8 Bulbs! 2 T5s Produce More Light Using Less Watts Than 4 T12 or T8 Bulbs! Less Wattage Used Translates To Money Saved On Your Power Bill!

Benefits Of Energy Efficient T5 Lighting Retrofits Include: -Reducing your lighting costs by up to 79% -Allows for de-lamping, decreasing kWh usage while producing more and better light -UL approved -T5 bulbs burn 1.6 times brighter than T12 or T8 bulbs -Eliminates the added cost of replacing existing fixtures (T5s snap right in) -5 year warranty - 60,000 hour life expectancy -The T5 retrofit burns cooler, thus reducing air conditioning costs -Utility and tax incentive car news s are available for upgrading your lighting to be more efficient -ROI in 12 to 24 months Increase Your Bottom Line With T5 Lighting

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