Friday, March 18, 2011

Why do I keep changing it ?

Why do I keep changing the background and the whole design of my blog?
Because I get bored of them, and I would like to change them, just like the clothes, until I find the best one.
Yes, sometimes it matches my mood, but sometimes I just feel like changing it.

I had a question about the "Bethroted" character in the show, and how the girls kept rotating (who played the role).

So the story is quite complicated, but I will try to explain it.
Irina is on a leave, so she did one show during the first week in Taipei, but only played the character, she did not perform her act.

Instead of the "Handbalancing on Canes" act we had Leysan performing her "Aerial Hoop" act at the beginning of the city.
So I had one of the Trapeze girls, Beccy as my lover / wife in the show, she played the character in green in the first half and in the glittery costume in the second half of the show.

Once Leysan played the green character and performed her act, so for that show version I got married with her.

Then Yulya arrived, who is replacing Irina for few cities (as far as I know Taipei -of course- Seoul and Manila).
So she had to learn the role and the "Handbalancing" act.
Learning the role took shorter time, so we had another version of the show:
She played the character of the "Bethroted", but Leysan was doing her hoop act, so we watched her perform, then we got married (with Yulya).

Then finally everything went back to "normal" towards the end of the Taipei city-run:
Yulya played the role and performed her act, and all the understudies went back to their "usual" role to play and act to do.

I hope it wasn't too confusing! :)


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