Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Solarpowergetics catches the next Wave of Solar Technology for a Healthy Green Lifestyle

PRLog (Press Release)– Mar 16, 2011– HONG KONG - Solarpowergetics (SPG) is proud to announce the launch of two new websites, specially designed to introduce cutting-edge green solutions into everyday living and to empower people into the transformation age. Its new corporate website,, provides valuable insight and opportunities to discuss the latest developments in the field of green technology, while the advanced E-Commerce site offers various green energy solutions that are practical. Questions? A live chat operator is ready to assist you.

The consumer market can be a powerful force for change, and micro-multinational corporations such as SPG are often the quickest to respond to emerging technologies. As a global bmw product developer, manufacturer, systems integrator and component wholesale supplier, SPG is ideally positioned to introduce sophisticated solar technology solutions based on solar, wind, thermal and biodegradable technologies, addressing growing consumer demands for unlimited and cheaper sources of clean and efficient energy. All inquiries, especially from regional distributors and wholesalers, are welcome!

CEO and President Miguel Hidalgo is an innovator who built Solarpowergetics into a mighty micro-multinational corporation, challenging the political and global market economy establishments. Based in Hong Kong, the love story of Solarpowergetics began in 2005 in La J cadillac olla, California, USA. The global powerhouse moved its headquarte chrysler rs to Hong Kong in 2008, with national sales offices in Hong Kong and San Diego, Cali dodge fornia, USA. With roots as a small startup, Solarpowergetics has undergone years of development and logistical streamlining to become a reliable provider of solar technology on a global scale.

Miguel is all about introducing different disruptive technologies, value systems and processes that will help transform the world into a new age where green living can become an old-fashioned reality again. As Miguel jokes, "Aim for the stars! It's all about star power, trying not to crash on the moon, and catching a few rays of sun along the way to the beat of rock 'n roll. That's real freedom!"

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