Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pop (and) culture

I think it's been a while since I shared my opinion about something what I have seen, read or listened to and liked for some reason.
So here we go!

As you may know I usually listen to pop music form all over the world.
So because we were in Taipei, I go to introduced a bit to the Asian pop music by some of my friends.
Mostly the Korean and Taiwanese singers and pop groups.

Our lovely local wardrobe girls told me about a Korean group, T-ARA, and their song "Bo Peep".
(Super catchy !!!)
I also heard about this song, but I saw the Taiwanese version of it by Lotus Wang.
So we discussed it and they told me about some other good performers and songs.

I looked them up and did my little research and I found another great artist with another great song:
Joline Tsai (aslo Taiwanese performer) and her latest song "Honey Trap".
She has a very slim and super flexible body and towards the end of her video she does some amazing moves with her shoulders.
Worth to watch!

So that was my little Asian pop experience.

But I also did something a bit more intellectual:
I read another book from Dostoyevsky with four stories in it.
Great book!
I really enjoy reading his books and I share his opinion about a lot of things
and the way of seeing the world.

A picture of the Korean girl group T-ARA :


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