Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ABB to host full day Robotic Laser Processing Workshop at Auburn Hills training facility April 27

58 to register and for more information.  For any specific questions call 248-391-8400.  

In addition to comprehensive presentations from ABB robotic laser experts, the workshop will feature sessions hosted by technical experts from IPG Photonics, Precitec, Laser Mechanisms and RoboVent.  Robotic laser technology has emerged in a variety of fabrication segments including those involved with hot-stamp steels, tubular parts, hydroform components and traditional flat sheet cutting.  The workshop will cover these areas and more, featuring presentations, live process demonstrations, equipment reviews, and coverage of the advanced software tools that allow for ultimate flexibility. All attendees will also receive a reference kit with relevant resources and workshop transcripts at the end of the workshop.  

"This event is a must for anyone involved in precision metal fabrication who have, or are considering, laser technology, and would like to see how the inclusion of robots could make their operation more flexible and profitabl chevrolet e," said Joe Campbell, vice president of the ABB Robot Products Group in the US.  "We have brought together some of the best resources in the industry and it will be a unique and highly worthwhile day for those who attend."

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The agenda highlights include:  

The agenda highlights include:  

Overview of robotic laser processing - History & state of the technology - Key industries and application dodge s - Robot capabilities combined with lasers

Robot & laser demonstration

IPG Photonics – Fiber laser technology

Precitec – Laser welding head & sensor technology

The ABB FlexLaserTM Solution - Global "Flex" platform - Laser cell components - Safety requirements & certifications - Financial justification factors

Shop tour and in-process ABB FlexLaser

Key Differentiators - Manipulator - Motion - Control

Virtual FlexLaser & RobotStudio

Laser Mechanisms – Laser cutting head technology

RoboVent – Fume extraction for laser applications - Sizing and differences vs. traditional welding

Summary, questions, applications

The ABB facility in is located at 1250 Brown Road, Auburn Hills, MI 48326.  

About IPG Photonics IP Photonics (www.ipgphotonics.com) is the world's leading provider of high power fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers that are revolutionizing performance and utility in a remarkable array of materials processing, telecommunications, medical and other advanced applications.

About Precitec PRECITEC (www.precitec.com) offers innovation in three areas: laser cutting, laser welding, and measuring technology. Precitec maintains techno buick logy leadership by focusing on research and development, and has strong industry experience and is ready for action worldwide.

About Laser Mechanisms Laser Mechanisms (www.lasermech.com) is the recognized world leader in the design and manufacture of laser beam delivery components and articulated arm systems.  Laser Mechanism's products are used in every type of industrial application including cutting, welding, drilling, scribing, surface treatment and other processes.

About RoboVent RoboVent (www.robovent.com) is a unique, proven air filtration system designed specifically for a variety of applications including laser welding and cutting.  RoboVent ventilation systems capture pollutants created by industrial processes and return clean air to the facility.

About ABB ABB (www.abb.com) is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and employs about 124,000 people.

About ABB Robotics ABB Robotics (www.abb.com/robotics) is a leading supplier of industrial robots – also providing robot software, peripheral equipment, modular manufacturing cells and service for tasks such as welding, handling, assembly, painting and finishing, picking, packing, palletizing and machine tending. Key markets include automotive, plastics, metal fabrication, foundry, electronics, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. A strong customer focus helps manufacturers improve productivity, product quality and worker safety.  ABB has installed more than 190,000 robots worldwide.

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