Friday, January 7, 2011

Wide Body Kits for Car Modification

Most of us agreed that many sport cars that have bulges at the sides truly look gorgeous. The “love handles” were derived from the modification of wide body car and serve the real purpose. The bulges effectively contain the wide wheels and wider track while they take care of the safety aspect simultaneously.
In car modification, wide body kit is one example of sport car modification kit. The wide body kits will depend on your ‘taste buds’ and your cars’ type. Providing that your wheels properly fill the arches, the body kits can make your car look stunning.
We need to plan carefully the area between the wide arches. We have option to fit wider wheels or to use spacers. The modification should meet the specification of road safety standard that the overall of tire’s width must be contained.
If there will be a big space between the outside of the arch and the wheel, it is pointless to fit a wide body kit to a sport car. The goal is to make the wheel fill the arch. You can achieve this goal by getting spacers or by fitting wheels. Some people may even change the hubs as well as fit a rear axle that is wider.


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