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2011 BMW 1 Series Coupe Edition

2011 BMW 1 Series Coupe Edition Review :
Exterior :

Exterior design.
Pure energy manifested in uncompromising shapes. With its short overhangs, powerful shapes and compact rear, the exterior design of the BMW 1 Series Coupé unites the genes of sporting dynamics.

Your gaze follows the front apron, continues over the extended bonnet, wanders along the shoulder line and the short overhangs until it reaches the compact rear. A short pause for breath.

The Corona rings of the front headlight attract attention, the LED lamps of the accent and rear lights shine distinctively. Frameless doors and the characteristic Hofmeister kink set additional sporting accents. The long wheelbase and the muscular flanks make it unmistakeably clear that only one direction is conceivable for the BMW 1 Series Coupé: forwards.

Light design.
With each curve the distinctive headlights of the BMW 1 Series Coupé drive the darkness out of its way. In hot pursuit are the innovative LED rear lights with high-performance LED light rods, glowing elements that trace their outline in the dusk.

The xenon headlights integrated into the Corona rings and the optional LED accent lights positioned above the headlights beam with athletic temperament. A look full of energy with the unmistakeable focus of a BMW. When required, the Adaptive Headlights perfectly illuminate the crucial areas of the road and the daytime running lights contribute to your safety by adding better visibility.

The rear lights too, each with two high-performance LED light rods, turn the BMW 1 Series Coupé into a real eye-catcher. The lighting strips shaped to the body underline the sporting design of the rear and the especially fast-responding brake lights make their mark – at any time of the day.

M sport package.
The appearance alone is impressive – yet even more so is the experience of driving with the M sport package. All components are perfectly adapted to the BMW 1 Series Coupé and noticeably improve the driving dynamics.

With its perfect combination of athletics and aesthetics, the M sport package could have been created for the BMW 1 Series Coupé. The optional M sport chassis is 15 mm closer to the ground and supplies precise feedback in every corner while the M light-alloy wheels keep the BMW 1 Series Coupé firmly on course.

Powerfully shaped side skirts together with front and rear aprons create an exclusive and exciting exterior for the BMW 135i, even without the M sport package included. The reduced lift and improved aerodynamic balance bring even more performance onto the road and noticeably optimise driving characteristics. With the M sport package, you have the choice of six different paint finishes, among them Le Mans Blue metallic, which is exclusively available for the M sport package.

The Shadow Line equipment impresses with its window surrounds and roof railing in high-gloss black and the shaped sports seats in the exclusive cloth/Sensatec Flashpoint Black combination offer secure side support even at high lateral accelerations. The other equipment includes Aluminium Glacier Silver interior trims, M entry sills, M footrest and gear lever knob, the Individual Anthracite roof liner and the M leather steering wheel, which you can obtain with integrated multifunction buttons on request.

Adaptive Headlights.
Adaptive Headlights in the BMW 1 Series Coupé allow you to see bends in a new light. Sensor-controlled xenon headlights coupled to the driver’s steering movement follow the angle of the bend when the wheel turns and provide optimum illumination for the road and kerb.

Information on speed and steering is constantly recorded during the journey and transferred to the electromechanical control unit for the xenon headlights, where it is automatically converted into the corresponding movement. Your headlights thus follow the course of the road and ideally illuminate every bend.

During slow manoeuvres, the additional cornering light is activated and brings light into the dark when parking and turning. At speeds below 40 km/h, if you activate the indicator lever or turn the steering wheel, it automatically lights up an area of up to 80° to the side of the direction of travel. And so even at night you always have a clear view of the vehicle’s immediate surroundings.

Original BMW Accessories.
BMW 1 Series Coupé exterior design.
Spirited, dynamic, sporty. The design of the BMW 1 Series Coupé impresses all along the line – exactly like the matching accessories. Exclusive details that underline the athletic character, giving it speed even when standing still.

Aren’t flow lines already enough? With the exclusive BMW sports stripes, you give your BMW 1 Series Coupé a uniquely sporting appearance and reinforce the consistent styling of the body all along the line. Optionally available in black or white, the sports stripes create eye-catching contrasts on the bonnet, roof and tailgate. You can decide for yourself where and at what intervals the lines take their place.

Setting exclusive accents on the road are the 18-inch light-alloy double-spoke 182 wheels in black. The dark appearance adds impressive depth and creates powerful contours. Depth and power also comes from the sound of the BMW 1 Series Coupé. Matching optical support can be found at the rear. With its chrome-plated exhaust pipe, your BMW puts on a dynamic display, from the front to the tail-end of the body.

Interior Design :

Sports steering wheel.
Never before has driving pleasure fitted so snugly into your hand. With the sports steering wheel of the BMW 1 Series Coupé you confidently control every driving situation – and with the integrated multifunction keys all the comfort functions as well.

The grained Nasca leather steering wheel rim lies perfectly in your hands, and the steering resolutely obeys you every movement – as do the comfort functions of the BMW 1 Series Coupé. Using the integrated multifunction keys, you securely and conveniently control devices such as radio, CD player and telephone (optional).

Thanks to the optional paddle switches, drivers with sporting ambitions no longer have to take their hands from the steering wheel. You shift swiftly and precisely between the gears using the side-mounted paddles (only with automatic transmission).

Visually, too, the sports steering wheel is perfectly matched to the BMW 1 Series Coupé. The modern three-spoke design and the decorative trim in Alpine White make this steering wheel into such a perfect instrument for your driving pleasure that you won’t want to let it leave your hand.

When you enter the BMW 1 Series Coupé, you will think of nothing else but fast bends, long straights and unbridled driving pleasure – and there’s no need to either. A wealth of comfort functions allow you to concentrate on the important task.

There are good reasons why you will feel at ease in the BMW 1 Series Coupé from the very first second. Every surface and every line, every switch and every display in the cockpit of the BMW 1 Series Coupé is perfectly directed towards the driver and is positioned precisely where you expect it.

Ergonomically arranged controls allow you to operate all the comfort, entertainment and communication functions easily, swiftly and intuitively. And while doing so, the anti-glare Control Display means that you have all the important information precisely in view at all times.

To make sure you never miss your destination, the navigation system will tell you the way if required. During the journey, the automatic climate control provides a pleasant interior and, with the comfortable seats, which can be adjusted perfectly to your seating position, you are guaranteed to arrive in a relaxed mood. And so you can concentrate on what is really important – sheer driving pleasure.

Rear passenger compartment.
Two plus two equals four times driving pleasure. The BMW 1 Series Coupé brings inspiration wherever you sit. The ergonomically shaped rear seats guarantee the two passengers in the back a driving experience almost like being in the cockpit.

Pulses race not only when you’re behind the wheel. In the BMW 1 Series Coupé, your passengers will also enjoy every single kilometre. Whether sporting or relaxed, your driving style alone decides. The ergonomic rear seats offer a secure, comfortable support and the practical storage compartment between them provides a quick and secure space for stowing travel accessories. If required, the optional folding headrests make the journey in the rear even more comfortable, and for transporting larger objects, the rear seat backrest can be divided in a 60:40 split and folded down individually.

Driving dynamics.
Just before the corner. Apply the brakes, turn the wheel, perfect control. The centrifugal force inevitably brings a smile to your face, and, as you accelerate out of the apex, your pulse races against the engine. Driving dynamics is the perfect interplay between innovative technologies, precisely tuned for your driving pleasure.

Pure dynamics from the very first second onwards. The untamed forward thrust of the BMW 135i with direct petrol injection, TwinPower Turbo and seven-speed sports automatic transmission with double clutch impresses even during the very first metres. By the time you’ve taken the first corner, there’s no further doubt that the BMW 1 Series Coupé only fully reveals its outstanding driving dynamics on winding roads.

This is where ideal axle load distribution, optimised aerodynamics, rear-wheel drive and the low centre of gravity of the BMW 1 Series Coupé unite to give its unique agility. The result is perfect road holding and outstanding handling. The Active Steering adapts perfectly to your speed, making every corner an opportunity to gain fresh momentum.

Seven-speed sports automatic transmission.
Seven gears, two clutches and uninterrupted acceleration. The seven-speed sports automatic transmission of the BMW 1 Series Coupé powers you forward without interruption. Two clutches switch between the two drive trains in milliseconds, without the slightest jolt and without interrupting the traction.

Power alone does not determines the dynamic experience of driving – the available force also has to be applied effectively to the road. The optional seven-speed sports automatic transmission for the BMW 135i does not waste a single millisecond of power. Even and uneven gears are distributed on two power trains, each with its own clutch. When one gear is disengaged, the next is already engaged. This minimises shift times but maximises precision. No jolting, no interruption in traction.

Thanks to the switch paddles, you can also keep your hands on the wheel during manual changes, and if you prefer to avoid shifting all together, you will always drive in the right gear with the seven-speed sports automatic transmission and save petrol as a result. It allows you to enjoy impressive driving dynamics with low fuel consumption and acceleration figures approaching sports car level.

Dynamic Stability Control.
The chassis control systems of the BMW 1 Series Coupé fitted as standard make it easy to control the vehicle even under adverse conditions and actively increase your driving safety. The integrated traction modus (DTC) inspires drivers with sporting ambitions by optimising forward thrust and providing even more driving pleasure.

Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) optimises both driving stability and traction when setting off and accelerating. In the event of understeering or oversteering, torque is reduced and brakes are applied individually to the wheels. The vehicle stabilises within milliseconds and hazardous skidding is prevented from the very outset.

And your driving pleasure also benefits from the electronic chassis control: at the sporting limits, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) increases the slip on the drive wheels to give optimum traction on every surface.

The BMW 125i and 135i offer four additional extended DSC functions:
1. The Brake Standby function reduces the stopping distance in emergencies.
2. The Dry-Braking function enhances brake response in wet conditions.
3. The hill-start assistant makes it possible to set off comfortably on slopes, without rolling backwards.
4. Fading Compensation allows consistent braking performance even if the brakes have heated up.

BMW EfficientDynamics.
Enhancing driving pleasure and so much more besides: BMW EfficientDynamics represents a suite of intelligent technologies that noticeably reduce fuel consumption and emissions while simultaneously boosting the performance of the BMW 1 Series Coupé.

The BMW 1 Series Coupé has a large number of innovative technologies and intelligent solutions that are specially developed to increase efficiency. The Auto Start Stop function, for example, avoids unnecessary engine idling and saves fuel at every red light, and, thanks to Brake Energy Regeneration, the battery is recharged during braking or coasting with the energy that had previously accelerated the vehicle.

Highly developed engines, refined aerodynamics and the innovative lightweight construction of the BMW 1 Series Coupé also facilitate optimum energy exploitation. The sum of all these measures is BMW EfficientDynamics. The result is less fuel consumption, more driving pleasure.

On the basis of the BMW 1 Series Coupé, with the BMW Concept ActiveE, BMW is now impressively presenting the logical continuation of this pioneering package as an electric vehicle fully suitable for everyday use. Specially developed lithium-ion batteries, engine and electronics replace combustion engine, transmission and fuel tank. The batteries employed save sufficient energy for an impressive range of approximately 160 km. With a power output of 125 kW (170 hp) and a substantial torque of 250 Nm, the BMW Concept ActiveE impresses on every kilometre with its typical BMW driving dynamics and zero emissions.

2011 BMW 1 Series Coupe2011 BMW 1 Series Coupe Test Drive
2011 BMW 1 Series Coupe2011 BMW 1 Series Coupe Left Angle

2011 BMW 1 Series Coupe2011 BMW 1 Series Coupe Front Left Angle

2011 BMW 1 Series Coupe2011 BMW 1 Series Coupe Front Angle
2011 BMW 1 Series Coupe Edition Specification :
Engine :
Straight six-cylinder petrol engines in the BMW 125i and 135i.
For decades BMW straight six-cylinder engines have been inspiring international juries and ambitious drivers all over the world. How is it possible to improve such a highly developed engine? With a Twin Scroll turbocharger, Valvetronic and direct petrol injection for a start.
Each of the three technologies is impressive. The outstanding feature is how they compliment one another. In the BMW TwinPower Turbo straight six-cylinder of the BMW 135i they are combined to form one complete package. The result is 225 kW (306 hp), 400 powerful Newton metres across a wide speed range. And all that with a fuel consumption of only 8.5 l/100 km and spectacularly smooth running characteristics.
Impressive smoothness and top performance are also what characterise the straight six-cylinder engines in the BMW 125i. The use of lightweight components makes it possible to achieve a unique combination of maximum performance capacity and remarkable economy.
Thus equipped, the BMW 125i puts in a convincing performance with a top speed of 245 km/h at 160 kW (218 hp) and an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds. And all this at a fuel consumption level of just 8.5 l/100 km.

Four-cylinder petrol engine in the BMW 120i.
High-performance through precision. The four-cylinder engine in the BMW 1 Series Coupé 120i produces a powerful torque even at low revs and allows a sports driving style in every range of revs. And all of this with commendable smoothness and efficient fuel consumption figures.

On average you blink about ten times a minute. In this time you miss 2,000 separate fuel injections supplying as little as 2 mg of fuel each time. This exceptional level of precisions is made possible by the piezo injectors, located centrally between the valves. The engine in the BMW 120i is therefore able to operate in lean-burn mode for far longer and at far higher revs. At the same time the compression and hence efficiency of the engine has been increased. The result is more power with less consumption The basic principle of BMW EfficientDynamics.

Four-cylinder diesel engine in the BMW 118d, 120d and 123d.
Rapid power build-up, sporting driving dynamics, low consumption. The four-cylinder diesel engines in the BMW 1 Series Coupé combine high cost-effectiveness with excellent performance.

With its BMW 123d, BMW is presents the world’s first four-cylinder diesel engine featuring variable twin turbo. The two turbochargers of different sizes produce maximum pressure at all revs. The result is an especially spontaneous response at low revs and a powerful torque. Diesel engines with a third-generation common-rail injection system also offer an unattainable ratio between power and fuel consumption. For example, the BMW 123d thus boasts an impressive 150 kW/204 hp with a fuel consumption of 5.1 l/100 km. The fully aluminium engine block also reduces the weight by a tremendous 20 kg, compared with the car’s predecessor. Even more economical are the engines in the BMW 118d and 120d with outstanding consumption figures of only 4.5 and 4.7 l/100 km. And every bit as convincing as consumption and performance are the emission figures. All diesel engines in the BMW 1 Series Coupé fulfil the EU5 standard.


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