Monday, January 10, 2011

Volkswagen Beetle 1961 Extreme Modification

Volkswagen Beetle 1961.

Spoiler Custom front & rear fiberglass, Custom Plat side skirt, front & rear bumper Custom fiberglass, body side Molding Custom Plat, body paint Air Brush Tribal Flame, spy Camera + LCD Monitor, Grandis front lights, rear lights Customized Rush, Rush fog lamp Customized, Motorized (front hood, cabin, door, front bumper), body treatment By streetwalker.

CB Performance Camshaft, Mahle 92 mm piston, valve Scat 35 out / 40 in, the packing head Victor Reinz, balancing (as crutch, puley & flywheel), Split Fire spark plugs, plug the cable Scat, HKS air filter, fuel Pump, koil Mallory, Custom Galvanis exhaust, muffler ammunition Tang, cooling system (Coded Air, Oil Cooler), Garret Turbo, NOS, Engine By streetwalker.

Adjustable front per Tortion Bar, per Tortion Bar Adjustable rear, front shock breaker By Air Suspension Universal Air cylinder, rear shock breaker By Universal Air Suspension Air Bag & cylinder, Custom strut bars, lowering Spindel, Suspension By streetwalker.

Front of the Toyo Tires PROXES 315 / 25 / 19, rear tires Falken 315 X 25 / 19, front velg Forged Technique 11.5 ", rear Rims Forged Technique 14.5," Ate front disc brakes, front & back kaliper Ate, By Rem butterfly night.

Custom fiberglass seats, Custom fiberglass doortrim, suede ceiling, fiberglass wheel Custom + iron frame, lever perseneling Custom, Custom pedal, instrument panel Custom + HKS gauge, HKS engine indicator, tachometer Custom, Custom Calumunium carpet + Rubber Mat, Interior By-kupu kupu Malam.

Head unit Sony Double Dyn DVD + monitor, power amp D 2000 CrossFire, CrossFire, Custom crossover, front & rear speakers CrossFire, CrossFire subwoofer, tweeter CrossFire, cap bank Critical Mass, directed cable Audio, TV Monitor 19 ", Turn Table Pioneer, Audio By Lupu-kupu Malam.

Volkswagen Beetle 1961 Extreme
Volkswagen Beetle 1961 Extreme
Volkswagen Beetle 1961 Extreme


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