Wednesday, January 5, 2011

2010 Hamann BMW Z4 Elegant Sport Car Modification

Rear Wheels 2010 Hamann BMW Z4 Sport Car
Dark gray, the 2010 Hamann BMW Z4 new features technology gives a sense of metal without a hint of carbon fiber clean out your body. That accent on the foil is completely outside where that glitters is aluminum carrying the gear knob with silver stitching or those that have been completed rugs. An extra game is very preparation is that of the leather seats upholstered by hand.  One of the innovations come at a technical level thanks to a little adrenaline into one of the most interesting engines of the BMW Z4, the powerful engine 3.0-liter twin-turbo 306 hp. The treatment of this engine includes an extra 54 hp and 140 Nm on the development of the factory, which makes a total of 360 hp and 540 Nm succulent still delivered to the rear wheels, and removed the electronic speed limit so now you can explore the 285 km / h.
New Features 2010 Hamann BMW Z4 Technology
New Car 2010 Hamann BMW Z4 Pictures
Headlight 2010 Hamann BMW Z4 Exterior Design
Elegant 2010 Hamann BMW Z4 Luxury Car


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