Friday, January 7, 2011

Cars Modification - Car Style Door Bouncer

Bringing your little one for fun in the car can be risky especially because most baby and kids are active but are quite weak too. To ensure that your car seats comfortably fit your little one while traveling with car you need a special designed jumping seat of car-themed doorway. This facility will help your tiny baby to stay active safely while you focus your concentration to drive.
The jumping seat is called the baby car style door bouncer. It features a washable comfortable padded seat with colorful lights and music. Therefore, it will be stimulating and fun experience and is fully supportive for your baby. Just remember that it is fit for interior doorframes only. With maximum weight up to 12 kg, the bouncer can hold a quite big baby.
The height of the bouncer is adjustable so that it is just suitable for your baby. That means the seat can support your baby’s head without aid. In addition, it has attached safe lock holding the bouncer securely to the standard doorway. Therefore, the bouncer is safe to use and easy to assemble. However there are some requirements that the doorframes should have at least 0.5“-thick permanent secure architraves on both sides.


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