Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Green hybrid vehicles

The scientists need to explore various Alternative fuel resources as the conventional fuel :

  • has limited resource
  • Prices are increasing everyday
  • is creating pollution

Hybrid vehicles are now in market to solve these potential pollution and fuel problems. Various top automotive companies are taking an active part in creating Green hybrid vehicles. These vehicles don’t use petrol/diesel as a fuel but other sources like

  • Hydrogen cell
  • Electricity operated
  • Water !!
  • CNG
  • Bio-diesel
  • Bio-Ethanol
  • Solar power

Vehicles using such environment friendly sources as fuel as known as Green Vehicles. The advantages of using such vehicles are :

  • No or least pollution
  • Higher efficiency
  • Uses less fuel/mile
  • Less expensive
  • Reduced fuel duty (fuel tax)
  • Less road tax / vehicle excise duty (VED)
  • Less London Congestion charges

Also, nowadays green cars come in various models – four-door, two-door, SUV, Luxury sedan etc. So there is no need to compromise with the features/looks if you are thinking to buy green car. At present, such hybrid vehicles are expensive, but as the government, car manufacturers and users take active efforts to promote them, their cost will reduce in near future.


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