Saturday, October 30, 2010

Information on body kits: What are our parts made out of

Our car body kits, front bumpers, rear bumpers and side skirts are made out of FRP Composite (DuraFlex), Carbon Fiber or Poly-Urethane for strong but flexible finishes. The FRP Composite is reinforced with fiberglass fabric or matte and consists of plastic resin.

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Differences in body kit material: Urethane versus FRP Composite

The FRP Composite material is weather proof. It will not reduce in size or bulge during weather changes. A Urethane body kit does not withstand severe weather as well as FRP Composite. Urethane can expand and soften on hot days causing paint to crack or peel. FRP Composite is easy to paint because paint works well with this material if properly prepped. Painting can be difficult with Urethane because paint does not stick well to the material. Urethane is also around 3 times heavier than that of FRP Composite. Poly-Urethane material is practically unbreakable, whereas FRP Composite can crack or chip due to wear.

FRP Composite is extremely light and is very strong according to its weight/strength ratio. The more pieces weigh the slower the speed of your car. Also, FRP Composite material is easily fixable, if such is needed. Whereas, Urethane is unfixable; if parts are damaged they cannot be fixed, but damage rarely happens. Both FRP Composite (DuraFlex) and Poly-Urethane materials are highly recommended and have great qualities for your aftermarket body kit needs.

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Vinyl Ester Resin - This gives superior flexibility and strength than that of polyester resin.
Multi-Layer Fiberglass - Our pieces have 4 oz. layers of hand-laminated fiberglass with a plastic gel coat finish.
Strong Gel Coat Finish - This results in a SMOOTH finish and adds extra strength to the part! Please be careful because other manufactured finished body kit parts will have orange peel rumples.
Fitment - Our pieces have a much BETTER QUALITY fit when compared to competitor products.


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