Thursday, October 28, 2010

Honda Civic VTi-S Sport Car Tuning

Honda Civic VTi-S Sport

Troublesome if someone's obsessed with, let alone to "crush" any step taken without thought of consequences, as happened in Reindy Riupassa through Honda Civic VTI-S is difficult to make the eyes blink.
Imagine, almost nothing remained of the original body. In fact, if asked to guess the brand and type of car, certainly not to be missed.
Edannya again, smooth body Reindy cars would be cut to get the look of the Super GT Touring style. In fact, the previous concept had appeared gokil Japan Grand Touring Car (JGTC). However, that form of impingement is pelontos teenager.

Hence, he does not love the body "destroyed" because of better conversion body speaks a lot when the manufacturing process. That way, the desired detail can be achieved perfectly. "What remains of this Honda Civic headlights stay alone," called Reindy.
Modification process starts from the roof, the front cut as much as 10 cm and 7 cm behind. This step is only to satisfy the car owner wishes to install a set of Honda Integra DCS window. Continues, the model four-door turned into two, again to be attached to the door Integra.
Sepatbor back airscoop with contrived. So also on the front, but on the left and right spoiler, air cavity is also made to machine a wide contrived.
In this modification, which the victim did not just body. Audio is in part affected by reduced trunk. "I want to install roll bars," said Reindy. For construction, selected the 6 points are fitted with bolted way.
Deep black color mix of the dominant with a little red and white can turn the display Honda Civic VTI-S nuanced competition.


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