Sunday, December 26, 2010

Vario Modification

inovation modified motor was born in 2009 from Madiun, East Java. Donny is Dwi Budianto of the 73 Motor penggagas. Honda Vario 2007 not own dirombak steering wheel with memelarkan alias with a low rider car velg. Honda Skubek jig that can increase body alias-down such as the withdrawal of many done in the car modif.
Front monoshock
Indeed, applying the concept MEFRIK Donny aka Modern, Estetika, Functional, rational, Innovation, and Creative skubek honda vario. Most prominent and can be spelled breakthrough modif 2009 Suspensi namely the air (air-sus), which can increase body make-down, as many modifications adopted in the car in the country."This is as big matic trends in the Japanese," says Donny. To operate the water-sus, it uses bertekanan compressor 550 psi. To use Shockbreaker hidraulik berdiameter 4 cm are usually used on the car door.

Because funsgi shock only to ride-down body, then add Donny shock placed under the saddle to the front of the stick near the shield. Function, in addition to set the compress and rebound, but also to stabilize the body. To operate the water-sus, using two buttons placed on the stabilizer.Innovation from Donny, note the shock front. He adopted the monoshock. "His own use, such as pipes and model in the Vespa," he said. So that custom look, the fiber was wrapped and given the chrome.

Not only that. Try habituate lamp-light. Future use mica lamp Honda Airblade and have a surplus, in part at the custom-life model of projector light car. Meanwhile, the dusk is mengaplikasi LED.

The creation of the rear motor 73. Of the tapering stern line with all-LED lights. There are also lights and brake sein.


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