Friday, December 31, 2010

GreenGT Concept 2011

GreenGT Concept 2011, Le Mans Racer, France

Created by design students CCI Valenciennes in France, unveiled a prototype electric GreenGT Swiss company for Le Mans in 2011, I was able to provide an overall picture of production.

created to demonstrate its technological expertise GreenGT headquartered in Switzerland, knows a prototype electric car racing competition in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2011.

According to preliminary official sports cars are also limited production, with the only difference between the standard and racing with the software.

Sports car with body frame made of carbon fiber self-gass. %% U2013 takes the helm of two electric motors of 100 kilowatts production u2013 offer 350-400 hp and 2000 Nm torque approach. The implementation is at 00-60 mph in 4 seconds, top speed 171 km is limited to an estimated kmh / h (275).

The project created a number of students CCI Valenciennes (France).


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