Friday, April 1, 2011

Car Selling Scams - How to Buy a Car From a Dealer Without Getting Ripped Off!

PRLog (Press Release)– Apr 01, 2011– You can buy a car and avoid car selling scams laid out by the car dealerships but you must know what to look for.  Buying a new or used car is a major purchase and car salesmen have mastered the art of selling and everything from the moment you pull into the dealer's lot to the words they use to greet you to the plac chrysler ement of their brochures and business cards is ca bmw refully designed to entice you to spend your money.

The most important thing you can do BEFORE getting in front of a salesman is to figure out what you want.  What type of car are you interested in, what is the average selling price for that vehicle.  Do a few searches on the internet before going into the dealer's showroom.  Then when you know what you want stay firm on your decision.  The salesman will always try to sell you up to a bigger purchase or add on unneeded extras.

When you are at the dealership don't let the sales agent rush you.  They want you to make your decision quickly so they can move on to the next customer but if you are feeling pressured to close you can just as easily walk away, remember you are in control and you have the buying power not them.

When negotiations open on a vehicle the car salesman will start high, be aware of this and start your negotiation low, you should be able to meet at an acceptable mid-range.

The best way to protect yourself from car selling scams and save yourself money is to be aware of the tactics and tricks used by car dealers.

Once you have the inside scoop and the information car salesmen don't want you to know any fears or worries about buying a car disappear and the process becomes an enjoyable one and something you can take a lot of pride in.

The car dealerships have the selling game down to an exact science.

Get the full inside look at the way car dealers work their customers and how they make money directly f chevrolet rom a jaded ex-car salesman turned alfa romeo renegade.

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