Sunday, February 6, 2011

Illegal Car Modifications

There are several modifications available to car owners looking to improve their vehicle's appearance and performance. As some manufacturers are willing to produce modifications for international clients, the differences in legality can become a serious problem for American motorists. This can also be complicated by each different state's laws concerning Between street racers and enthusiasts willing to bend the law, illegal car modifications can readjust a car's performance to be dangerous for the driver and can cause mechanical malfunctions.

Illegal modifications, also known as mods, use aftermarket parts to make a car handle better, reach higher top speeds, and increase gasoline use efficiency, to name a few examples. Some mods are used to reduce the weight of a vehicle, which can increase speed and handling, while others create a more aerodynamic body. Other modifications can include reworked wheels, either providing greater traction or adding aesthetic flair with chrome or spinners.

Although not commonly thought of as a modification, car radios and radar devices can still be considered modifications. While most radios do not violate any laws, radar devices are illegal in many states.

While legal mods can be a fun way to customize a car and enter into legal races, illegal changes to a car can violate safety standards that are put in place for a reason. Mods that affect electrical systems can increase the chance of malfunction, making turn signals and headlights more vulnerable to failing than if factory specifications were retained.

To check which modifications are legal and which ones are not, consult your local law enforcement community. To learn more about how modifications can affect liability in cases of driver negligence, contact an experienced car accident attorney.


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